Duubee brings Colombia a music feast with Residente

Duubee brings Colombia a music feast with Residente

On Nov. 23rd to Nov. 24th, as the main sponsor of Residente concert, duubee brought Colombian people a music feast with the subject of “EL FUTURO EN NUESTRO”.

For the two concerts duubee sponsored, one is held in Bogota, and the other is held in the Cali. Both concerts attract the attention of Colombian people, they come to enjoy the music as well as to experience the smartphone duubee brings to the concert.

“Thank duubee, I won the ticket of this concert after buying duubee Gaia. I’m so lucky to participate in this concert as well to have such an exciting experience with duubee Gaia. I like duubee Gaia cause its brilliant performance brings a lot of convenience to my daily life. And also, thank for the bonus duubee gave me.” said one of the lucky audience who bought a duubee smartphone.

Duubee entered into Latin America with high-quality products, which is a solid step for duubee, related to its top-ranked R&D ability as well as tens and thousands of reliable tests.

During the concert, there is a video of duubee users, most of whom are entrepreneurs in Colombia. They want a balanced smartphone which can be used in their daily life as well as during work. Duubee exactly matches their needs, so they express their satisfaction without reservation.

Residente performed several songs in his new album at the concert, with which he won the Grammy 2018 for best rock.

“With high-quality product, I do believe duubee will have a bright future in Latin America”, said CEO of duubee.

Duubee brings two smartphones to the concert, one is duubee E1 and the other is duubee Gaia. Duubee E1 is an entry level phone focusing on daily use while duubee Gaia focusing much on business use.

Key features of duubee Gaia are as follows,

  • Sexy curve with streamer body, not only beautiful appearance but also excellent feel.
  • Advanced Qualcomm professor with lower power dissipation.
  • 8MP front camera & soft flashlight along with 13MP dual rear camera, giving you astonishing images.
  • Dual – frequency wifi, faster and stable network experience;
  • 4.5G LTE with inter-band CA further improves network speed, supporting all bands in Latin America.

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