Thousands of tests only for a nice photo

Thousands of tests only for a nice photo

To provide the best photo experience for consumers,Duubee has built a professional camera laboratory, and equipped with advanced camera testing equipment in the industry, and the R&D team has the abilities of both objective and subjective camera test.


Objective tests include: center level resolution and edge resolution test, resolution is the ability to distinguish the details of the subject, the better the analytical ability, the better the control of photo details, and the transition of the details is more natural. In addition, there are strict testing requirements for performance indicators such as AWB error & Color accuracy, dynamic range, imaging clarity, distortion, PSNR, AE, noise point and Wide-angle.


There are more than 100 subjective camera test scenarios, more than 500 test cases, over 10,000 test photos were taken manually for performance tuning, only for the best shot.

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